Dry Eye Plus

Dry eye is a very common affliction and can be debilitating for sufferers.

About Your Dry Eye Plus Examination

Initially, a survey of your dry eye symptoms is carried out at your initial examination and if appropriate you are referred on to have a dry eye assessment. Your dry eye examination is carried out in two parts.

  1. You attend an assessment of your dry eyes that will indicate if treatment is necessary, the degree of treatment and the type of treatment.
  2. If treatment is recommended then you will return for dry eye treatment depending on the severity and type of dry eye condition you have.

During Your Dry Eye Plus Examination

At Rolfe Eyecare Plus Optometrists we have invested in an advanced technology called the OCULUS Keratograph® 5M. It helps Optometrists in accurately diagnosing the Dry Eye Syndrome and documenting the findings. If treatment is necessary, the Keratograph® 5M can compare the before and after treatment results to evaluate the success of the treatment.

We assess your tear layer but also assess the Meibomian Glands (oil-producing glands) of your eye.

The cost of this service is bulk billed but due to the cost of the state of the art equipment, there is also an out of pocket cost of $50.

Treatment of Your Dry Eye

Depending on the findings of the assessment a number of treatments are possible:

  • Simple prescribing of tear supplements. It is important that you use the correct eye drop for the type of dry eye you have. Your optometrist will advise you on this.
  • Blephasteam treatment which heats the oil glands of the eye with steam and cleans them out with expression. The cost of this is $180 for 3 treatments.
  • Lid Hygiene treatment with Bleph X which cleans the lid margins and eyelashes of biofilm that is caused by infestation of a facial parasite called dermodex.
  • IPL is an Intense pulse light treatment that is applied to the skin around the eyes. It has been proven to dramatically and permanently improve 85% of patients where this treatment is appropriate. Due to the cost of this state of the art equipment, the cost of this is $800 for 4 treatments.
  • After these treatments you are often sent home with ways to maintain good lid hygiene and maintain good tear production.

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