Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

This instrument is used to for patients who have dry eye caused by poor oil production of the glands in the lower eyelid. The laser treats Meibomian Gland Dysfunction by stimulating the parasympathetic nerve to unblock these oil glands. This produces better oil quality in the tears that leads to better tear quality. Better oil production in the tears leads to more stable tear layer, less evaporation of the tears and less dry gritty eyes.

Before this procedure is carried out a dry eye assessment is performed that measures your tear layer, checks how quickly your tears evaporate and checks the glands that produce oil to make sure they are still functioning. The cost of this assessment is $50. If a dry eye problem is detected and you have function of the oil glands then the IPL procedure is recommended.

The IPL is carried out over 4 treatments and the total cost of this is $800. Studies show that patients with dry eye that have this procedure performed have a 90% satisfaction rate with them reporting relief from dry eye symptoms.

62% of patients who have this procedure done have no experience of any recurrence of dry eye symptoms for 3 years. The average period without needing another treatment is 29.3 months.

To keep the symptoms at bay it is recommended that you have a single retreatment every 12 months after the initial treatment. The cost of this is $200.

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