Macula Plus Eye Examinations

About Your Macula Plus Examination

At Rolfe Eyecare Plus our optometrists are trained to detect and manage early signs of macula degeneration and will refer to specialist care if this is needed.

Macula Plus is a series of tests to assess your macula’s risk of macula degeneration, the progression of the disease if you have it and informed instruction on how to reduce your risk of progression. This test is typically only done if:

  • You have a strong family history of macula degeneration
  • At your initial Checkup Plus examination the optometrist detected changes in the macula that put you at risk of developing macula degeneration.
  • Ageing signs of the macula were detected.
  • You already have a history of diagnosed macula degeneration.


During Your Macula Plus Eye Examination

This specialist examination for macula degeneration involves the following:

  • An Amsler Grid examination that looks for subjective distortion in your central vision.
  • An M Pod examination that measures your macula pigment and assesses if vitamin supplements would be a benefit to your macula health.
  • An assessment of the results found with digital retinal imaging at your initial examination.
  • Ocular Coherence Tomography. This is a highly sensitive instrument that gives a cross sectional view of the macula to detect damage and distinguish between wet and dry macula degeneration.
  • A comprehensive explanation of your macula condition by our optometrists along with a lifestyle, vitamin supplement and dietary plan to help reduce your progression of macula degeneration.


Cost of Your Macula Plus Eye Examination

Due to the cost of the state of the art equipment used in this examination part of the test is bulk billed through Medicare but there is an extra out of pocket cost of $129.

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